The CEREC Procedure in Raleigh, NC

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dental patients forgo restoration treatment of their teeth in order to remove tooth decay. Some of the procedures typically performed include fillings, crowns, replacement implants, and veneers. Most of these procedures require multiple visits to your dentist to diagnose and treat tooth decay, with additional appointments to fabricate and place new restorations.

These tedious visits cost insurance companies, dentists, and patients more money and time than anyone would like to spend. Luckily, advancements in technology have resulted in a new approach to addressing tooth decay requiring less time, less maintenance, and resulting in a solution unlike current conventional practices: the CEREC procedure.

What Is The CEREC Procedure?

The CEREC procedure is a method used by dentists to digitally construct replacement tooth options, eliminating the need for some traditional fillings and crowns. Used by dentists since 1987, the CEREC method is a minimally invasive system that uses optical impression technology to accurately scan the teeth in need of replacement.

After thorough measurements are taken, data is used to construct a ceramic filling or crown matching the exact shape and shade of the tooth with decay. Once placed by our dentist, the ceramic replacement bonds to the tooth without leaving gaps for decay to build behind or around it. The patient leaves with little to no discomfort and without the worry of the ceramic replacement wearing down or failing.

What Does CEREC Stand For?

  • CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, specifically describing all benefits of the procedure.
  • Patients who opt for the CEREC method are scanned directly in their chair at the dental office with mobile technology—no need for bulky machinery or uncomfortable accommodations.
  • The process of CEREC is economical, costing patients and dentist minimal time and effort for a long-lasting solution.
  • The goal of CEREC is to create a safe and effective restoration using shade matching technology to produce a beautiful and strong replication of your teeth.
  • Providing a metal-free alternative to typical filings and crowns, CEREC produces aesthetically pleasing results for the patient.
  • CEREC replacements are constructed using ceramic rather than metal to provide an alternative solution to tooth restorations.

What Are The Acquisition and Milling Units?

The CEREC process is comprised of two units responsible for scanning and producing high-quality restorations: the Acquisition Unit and the Milling Unit.

The Acquisition Unit is a computer containing a special program and unique camera used for CEREC scans. This mobile device is used to scan the decayed or broken portions of the teeth in need of restoration quickly.

After only a couple minutes, the acquisition unit compiles all the data gathered from the scan and begins to design the replacement needed for your treatment. The model will take your dentist approximately 5-minutes to design before it is sent over to the Milling unit for construction.

Using the information gathered by the Acquisition Unit, the Milling Unit creates the actual ceramic replacement for your tooth repair. Before the replacement is completed, the ceramic is in the form of a block. Matching the shade needed for your replacement to blend, your dentist will take the selected block, insert it into the milling machine, and set the machine to carve.

The carving process will take between 10 to 20 minutes varying on the design and size of the repair. After the replacement is completed, the ceramic piece(s) is polished and bonded to your teeth—all while you are still in the office!

Impression Free Scans

If you’ve ever needed a traditional filling, crown, or veneer, you might have been required to take an impression to achieve a close fit to the teeth in need of repair. These goopy impressions are less than ideal and can result in a gag reflex for even the toughest of patients.

What is worse—the impressions are not always accurate or correct. This can lead to improperly fitting replacements or need to repeat the impressions. With the CEREC method, no uncomfortable impressions are needed. Patients endure a one to two minute scan that is more accurate and effective than any standard impression are able to produce.

One Appointment Restoration

One of the most appealing benefits of the CEREC method is its quick and efficient results, typically all completed in one appointment. With typical fillings and crowns, multiple appointments can be needed for the procedure.

Where Can I Find a CEREC Provider?

The best method of finding a dentist who participates in the CEREC method is to ask your current general dentist provider. If they do not personally offer the service, they will most likely know someone in the area who does. For a safe, quick, and final solution, ask our dentist about CEREC at your next visit.

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