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More About The Research Triangle, Durham, North Carolina

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean that has been defined by the mysterious disappearances of a number of ships and aircraft. Popular culture has associated this activity with the paranormal. The only thing the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina has in common with the Bermuda Triangle is the geometric shape. That is absolutely it! Let’s review some of the amazing facts about the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina that make it one of the most unique parts of the United States.


To continue with the triangle, the Park is defined by three major cities, Durham to the north, Raleigh to the east and Chapel Hill to the west. Those three points create the triangle and the strength of this area and its relationship to the strongest geometric shape. The strength is complimented by three major universities, Duke in Durham, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and North Carolina State in Raleigh.

The Beginning

The Park was created in 1959 and covers 7,000 acres. Its initial objective was literally to stop the “brain drain” of graduates in both science and engineering from the three universities. It was originally founded by a committee of government, university and business leaders to pursue research, innovation and economic development. A non-profit organization, the Research Triangle Foundation, has managed the area since its inception. The Triangle is not an incorporated city but yet has many residents and the utilities all draw from the major nearby cities. The Park was slow at the start and finally took off in 1965 when IBM announced it would locate a research facility there. The same year saw the $70 million National Environmental Health Science Center come to the park which is an extension of the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

The Numbers Today

Today we see over 200 companies located in the Park employing over 50,000 workers and another 10,000 contractors. The annual salaries are over $2.7 billion with the average salary of $56,000. This is 45% higher than the regional and national average. The Park is home to the winners of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes and has seen several US Presidential Awards and National Foundation Awards.


To give you an example of the inventions and advancements that have come out of the Park that have had huge impacts are that of the UPC, Universal Product Code, 3D ultrasound imaging and Astroturf. As of late a new cancer fighting drug has been discovered in the Park, that being Taxol.


Outside of the fact that the Park is just so darn smart, the other things about the Research Triangle Park is the federal mandates to protect green spaces, The three cities within a 20 minute drive also offer affordable lodging and real estate opportunities in those cities. Of course, you’ll find everything else you need in a market of over 1.2 million residents. For a bonus you get the Atlantic immediately to your east and the Appalachian Mountains to your west. Yes, this triangle is indeed very strong!

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