Teeth Whitening Provider in Raleigh, NC

Bling bling!

Picture of white teethHaving whiter teeth is the #1 aesthetic concern of dental patients. Luckily, teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can be done at home, on your own time.

First we will take dental impressions to create customized molds that will hold the gel against your teeth. After testing their fit, you’ll take home special whitening gel. You will wear your molds either for a short period of time each day, or overnight—depending on the degree of staining and the desired level of whitening.

Sensitivity is perfectly normal during teeth whitening, and can be treated with an over-the-counter anti-sensitivity toothpaste from your local drug or grocery store.

Since whitening only works on natural enamel, we’ll evaluate any existing crowns or fillings for replacement. Necessary replacements will be done after whitening so they will match your new brilliantly white teeth.


Also, remember that teeth whitening is not permanent—especially if you smoke or drink coffee, tea or red wine. But regular touch ups can ensure that your smile stays bright and white.

There are many reasons to whiten your teeth, including normal wearing and stains, discoloration from Fluorosis (too much fluoride treatment during tooth development) or discoloration from certain medications, like Tetracycline.

No matter what your reason, we are here to help you achieve your whitest, brightest possible smile.

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